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Many of my clients want to share their birthing experiences with other pregnant women and their support people.  Each one has had a unique experience.  Some were first time moms and dads.  Some wanted to have or had to have an unmedicated birth.  Some had planned cesarean sections.  Some were unhappy with their prior birthing experience and hoped for a more enjoyable one with their second baby.  Some have had more than one birth with Personal Childbirth Trainer® services.

These clients would like to share their experience of using Personal Childbirth Trainer® services with you.  Some are very open, very appreciative, and are willing to share their most personal memories with you.  For this I say “thank you very much” to them all.

 “Thank you for your honesty, your kindness, for taking the time to share your thoughts with strangers and for your genuine desire to help inform other couples how to have the most positive birthing experience they possibly can!” ~ Diane Ellen, RN PCT

The following is a KEY to help you find a testimonial of a similar experience that you may be planning, CLICK on any image below.

Aron Milan
Cole Jacob
Joshua Michael
Payton & Marley
Julian Donald
Griffin & Amelia
Joseph Connor
Ravi Judson
Jacob & Mason
Mia Evelyn
Jack Charles
Chloe Skye
Kathleen Hays
Neil Harrison
Rylee & Jack
Sierra Rae
Sophia Danielle
Jacob Andrew
Lexi & Danielle
Nicole Morgan
Shea Johanna
Triplet Boys
Zoe Hannah
Shelby Alexandra
Quinn & Francesca
Alex & Ali 
Charlie Salina
Grace Kristine
Ellah Penelope
Tyler David
Gianna Nicole
Tyler Conner
Jack Tyler
Oliver Bradley
Lucas & Brianna
Joseph Wylie
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