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*Peace of Mind *Unlimited Telephone Contact

*Relieves Pressure off of You & Your Support Person

*Reminds You of Everything You Learn at class

*Explanations, Suggestions, Guidance

*Supportive, Comforting, Caring *Transportation to Hospital

*Birth Photography *Cord Stem Cell Packaging

*Breastfeeding Assistance

*Follow-up Visits at Hospital & Home

About My Services

In 2002, I decided to leave the hospital setting and go out on my own.  I wanted to offer pregnant women and their support people something more than what was currently available to them for their childbirth experience.  With that hope in mind, I developed my own company, Personal Childbirth Trainer, Inc.  I wanted to offer pregnant women and their support people the chance to have a Personal Childbirth Trainer guide them through labor and delivery.

In the spring of 2003, I attended the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Child Passenger Safety Program that addressed the needs of child passenger safety.  Upon completion, I became a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.  After completing this course, I felt obligated to share this newly acquired knowledge with expecting as well as current parents.  As a result, a portion of my PCT Childbirth Workshop is dedicated to car seat safety.

In addition, I became a certified childbirth educator with the Florida Outreach Childbirth Education Program so that I could offer people one complete class to guide them from pregnancy, to labor and delivery, and beyond.  These classes are offered in a hospital setting, obstetrician’s office, and in their private homes.  I specialize in a one-day PCT Childbirth Workshop.  My childbirth workshop has been called “fun, entertaining, and informative”.  My PCT Childbirth Workshop includes topics of birthing balls, cord stem cell collection, car seat safety, baby basics, and more!  The students receive a free 96-page workbook that makes the workshop easy to follow as well as acts as a reference guide after class and childbirth.  The workshop is everything that I, a maternity nurse since 1989, wish you would know before you go through childbirth.

As your Personal Childbirth Trainer, I help women have the most positive childbirth experience possible.  My specialty is to work with you by providing relevant information and emotional support before, during, and after the delivery.  Although childbirth can be foreseen as an exciting and rewarding event, there is a certain amount of worry that most expectant mothers and their support people can feel, especially if it is their first baby.  Perhaps their first delivery did not go as they desired and with this next delivery they want a more positive experience.  Regardless, people are beginning to realize the benefit of bringing their own experienced, professional advocate with them in labor.

Prior to labor, my specialized program includes spending time with the pregnant woman and her support person.  I use a variety of teaching techniques, props, and information handouts to help explain what to expect during labor and delivery. 

During labor, I provide companionship, support, and reassurance as well as explanations of medical terminology and procedures.  I can offer the laboring woman suggestions based on my years of experience in labor & delivery.  In addition to helping the pregnant woman, my services are often of great assistance to the support people.  Very often the support people do not know what to say, what not to say, or what to do to help the laboring woman.  Sometimes they experience a lot of stress and pressure about the labor.  I can take away some of their stress.  I can offer them suggestions as what to do or say to help the laboring woman.  When I stay at the laboring woman’s bedside, the support person feels comfortable leaving the room and taking breaks. 

During birth, I enjoy taking photos of your baby’s first moments so that you will always be able to go back and remember these special moments.  If you chose to have your cord stem cells collected and saved, I help label and package the cells and arrange for pickup of the cells.  This is one less thing for your support person to worry about.

After delivery, my support and attention continue for a couple of hours and may include breastfeeding assistance.  My support continues with daily hospital visits, if possible, and or telephone contact.  During the postpartum period, the new mother has even more questions and usually requires some assistance.

After discharge from the hospital, there is a follow-up home visit.  My support will continue as long as the new parents need me.  Many of my clients continue to call me with questions days, weeks, months, even years later!  The job of the Personal Childbirth Trainer is never done!

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