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Your Feedback


Your concise material packet coupled with your sense of humor and wealth of knowledge was a perfect combination. ---Steffany 3/22/06

Very valuable! Thanks for including the car seat lesson! -LB

I learned a lot of things I didn't know and the time went by VERY FAST! Extremely informative! Thank you for the manual. -BS

Very comprehensive and informative. All topics covered; great take-home book for reference. -JR

It gives details about the birth that you don't hear from the doctors and don't get from books.-CM

Well-educated, very knowledgeable, fun! -KL

Very entertaining. Very informative. We got lots of good tips especially re: strep test/ stem cells. -CB

Nice job encouraging discussion. -M&RP

Great information about Labor/Delivery-options! –JR



First and foremost however, you are an advocate for both baby and parents. Bridging the gap between nurse and patient is your area of expertise... ---Steffany 3/22/06

Your presence that night was the biggest gift I could have received during my pregnancy. ---Dana 10/05/05

Without your guidance, expertise and encouragement we wouldn’t have known how or when to speak up for our rights, complain about our circumstances or realize that we had other options to make the ordeal progress more smoothly. ---Jennifer 11/17/04

You have an innate ability to make people feel comfortable, eliminate fear, and make them laugh harder than they’ve laughed in a long time. ---Samantha & Jason 10/28/04

Having Diane with me was like having a really good friend, who is completely hilarious and at the same time she is a NURSE! (Another fear of mine was mean nurses! With Diane in your room the nurses have to be on their best behavior.) ---Juliet 12/24/03


What if I am having a planned cesarean section... Do we still need a Personal Childbirth Trainer?

We found out right after we hired you that Nicole was breech and that I was going to be a scheduled c-section, but I still knew that I wanted to have you there. ---Nicole 11/9/05

When Leigh-Anne was taken to be prepped in the O.R., I was comforted by the fact that you were with her. As I watched through the occasionally opening door, I could see her face as you spoke to her and made her smile and laugh. In the O.R. your presence was always felt. Although, I couldn’t see you, I could hear you and I knew you were there. ---Dan 9/18/03


What if I have to go epidural or drugs?

I accomplished my goal of having an unmedicated birth, to which I owe tribute to you. ---Amy & Eric 11/28/03

It was refreshing to have someone believe that, yes, you actually CAN do a natural birth, despite what everyone else thinks. ---Elizabeth & Chris 5/15/04


How do the men feel about having a Personal Childbirth Trainer?

I can't begin to explain the comfort as having her part of "our" team, looking out for "our" best interests. ---Barton

I thought it important that a expecting father understand the value of your service...I thought that hiring a labor coach might limit my involvement and therefore separate me from the experience. I was wrong and it became amazingly clear what value you provided from the 34th week onward. ---Dan 9-18-03

You were able to put my dear nervous husband at ease before and during labor. ---Elizabeth and Chris 5/15/04

You were great company for my husband! I think the delivery room should always be filled with so much laughter. ---Micki and John 2/02/04

The hardest part of any hospital experience is not knowing exactly what is happening and being surrounded by doctors and nurses who, despite their professionalism, are just too busy to explain. This is where you shined. You were our insider. ---James 1/16/04

If you want to be prepared for anything, have the safest birth possible and understand all the inside "scoop" of the "birthing business...," - then you MUST hire Diane. I'm not kidding... after 10 plus years experience... and working around town, she knows EVERYTHING. ---Bill 1/18/06

Should I spend the money on a birth coach or baby nurse?

I heard conversations in Lamaze regarding …do you want a baby nurse or childbirth trainer (doula) and if a choice had to be made…it would be a no-brainer. ---Dan 9-18-03


Why do people make remarks about Diane’s baked goods?! :-)

The cookies were amazing! Thank you! ---Dana 10/05/05

If only so our friends can experience your post-pregnancy crumb cake. ---Jennifer 11/17/04

Your Crumb cake isn’t too bad either! ---Samantha & Jason 10/28/04

As an added bonus she gave us the delicious cookies that she had just baked. ---Juliet 12/24/03

PS. (note to reader: she is a wicked good baker!!!!) ---Dan 9/18/03

Is there 'crack' in this cake? I call it "Crack Crumb Cake"! -Anonymous

"We're just having a 2nd baby so we can have more Pignoli Cookies." -Eric A.

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