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About my Childbirth Class
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one-day PCT Childbirth Workshop will teach you everything you need to know. 

Only $99!

From 8am-5pm the class is fun, entertaining, fast-paced and educational.

All About Childbirth
Birthing Balls
Cord Stem
Cell Collection
Newborn Care
Car Seat Safety

96 Page Workbook
provided to you at class!

About my Childbirth Class

    One role of the Personal Childbirth Trainer is that of an educator. The PCT acts as a resource to the expecting woman andher support people.  So, in the spring of 2003, I became a certified childbirth educator with the Florida Outreach Childbirth Education Program.

    When I was forming my childbirth class, I recalled many comments from former patients about the childbirth class that theyattended.  Some said “I didn’t learn anything, all they wanted to do was practice breathing, I was too tired after working allday and don’t remember anything.” I didn’t want patients to say this about my class. I wanted to teach them everythingthat they really needed to know, from an experienced nurse’s standpoint, all in one day. I wanted them to laugh, giggle,and have fun, while actually learning!  After over 800 hours behind my computer, and lots of guidance and assistance, my PCT Childbirth Workshop was formed.

    My PCT Childbirth Workshop teaches the usual pregnancy and delivery material as well as information on what to really expect at the hospital, formulation of a “wish list”, birth ball usage, distraction techniques in labor, cord stem cellcollection, baby basics, and car seat safety! The workshop is a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 94 great slides with124 animations. No old-fashioned posters. No folders for you to drop with loose papers falling out. NO! I did not want you to worry about losing the information or handouts. So, my students are provided with a 96-page workbook, PCT Childbirth Workshop: From Pregnancy to Labor and Delivery & Beyond. The book is easy to follow during class andacts as a reference guide for you after class and childbirth. It is funny, concise, and informative.  It contains someimportant reminders, handy lists, and helpful hints from an experienced maternity nurse. The workbook is dedicated to allof the people about to enter into the world of childbirth who wish to learn the necessities of childbirth, discover the manyoptions available to them, receive insight from an experienced maternity nurse, and potentially have fun while learning!

    Classes are usually held one Sunday and two Saturdays of every month. The location of the class is usually in a hospitalsetting or doctor’s office. The workshop usually starts at 8am and ends at 5pm. Times, dates, and locations may varydepending on your instructor. Private classes are also available in your home.

    If there are not any PCT Childbirth Workshops offered in your area, call your healthcare provider and/or birthing hospital and say: “I WANT TO ATTEND A PCT CHILDBIRTH WORKSHOP! PLEASE OFFER THAT TO ME!” My PCT Childbirth Workshop is available for purchase by childbirth educators, nurses that wish to teach the course, or hospitals that wish to offer their patients only the best in childbirth education!

See you in class! Get ready to have fun and learn!

Personal Childbirth Trainer Diane Ellen, R.N. ~ Cellular 561-302-1919 ~ ~ Copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved.